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Asus R702QA-BX222T Specs and Details

Combining the comfort of a large 17-inch screen with a reasonably weighted body (2.1 kg), the Asus R702QA-BX222T is the perfect office tool for small budgets looking for a strictly office machine. Installed in a sophisticated silver chassis, it brings together a balanced configuration around a small AMD Quad Core A10 processor, a good amount of RAM and storage per hard drive of substantial capacity. But who says hard drive necessarily means latencies during use. For a user accustomed to a machine with SSD, going back will be complicated.

Asus R702QA-BX222T Specs and Details

Specifications of the Asus R702QA-BX222T

Screen (s) 17.3 “WXGA LED 200nits (1600×900, anti-glare)
Processor AMD Quad Core A10-9620P Bristol Ridge (2.5 GHz, 4 cores)
RAM installed 8 GB (1 x 8 GB) DDR4 2133 MHz, 2 slots (1 free)
Graphic card AMD Radeon R5
Storage 1TB at 5400 rpm
Connectivity 2 USB 2.0 1 USB 3.1 1 USB 3.1 Type-C (Gen1), HDMI, SD / SDHC
Network Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 4.1, Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45)
Backlit Keyboard
Numeric keypad Yes
Windows Hello
Audio system 2 SonicMaster speakers
Operating system Windows 10 Home 64-bit
battery life announced / Battery 5 hours / Li-ion 3 cells 42Whr
Weight / Dimensions (mm) 2.1 Kg / 411 x 270.5 x 22

Chassis, connectors, screen of the Asus R702QA-BX222T

Asus has chosen to install its Asus R702QA-BX222T in a compacted chassis , looking big 15 inches. On the front of the stage, its weight of 2.1 kg guides it towards a little mobility. Next, the aesthetic opts for an elegant gray cover adorned with a soft concentric circle effect while the interior opts for a silver coating brushed around the touchpad and stitched around the keyboard. The assembly is correct even if the plastic predominates and the slim silhouette of the PC is welcome. On the other hand, the absence of a backlit keyboard may upset some.

The connections are largely assembled on the right side of the computer, a detail to take into account if you plan to handle a mouse and connect different peripherals at the same time (RJ45, HDMI, power supply …). The level is correct even if the refinement of the hull led to the elimination of the optical drive. There is an SD card reader, an HDMI output and four USB ports including a USB 3.0 and a USB 3.1 Type-C (versatile). Data transfer is provided by Gigabit Ethernet and recent WiFi AC and Bluetooth 4.1 modules.

Inside, we discover a 17.3-inch screen with basic specifications: a standard definition (1600 x 900 px) and the support of a TN panel leading to narrow viewing angles. Good point however, the anti- reflective treatment will prevent glare situations in a bright environment.

Asus R702QA-BX222T Specs and Details

Performance, battery life of the Asus R702QA-BX222T

Designed for primarily office use, the PC relies on an AMD A10-9620P Quad Core APU supported by 8 GB of RAM . As it stands, this combination delivers sufficient performance to run all common tasks (Internet surfing, office tools, video playback) as well as some editing, bringing its capacity up to a Core i3 at Intel. Not to spoil anything, the RAM assures him of responding in multitasking .

This is all the more valuable as the PC does not have the chance to benefit from the liveliness of a dedicated SSD. Instead, it opts for a classic 1000 GB hard drive , providing enough space to house your entire game library. Note that an M.2 slot is logically free to place an additional SSD if necessary. For this, it will be necessary to completely remove the plate under the PC.

In addition, no need to hope to play with this laptop since the Radeon R5 chip integrated into the processor is simply no match. No problem for anything that has to do with everyday use, however, such as playing videos or viewing complex web pages.

The battery life should be around 5 hours in Internet browsing with active Wifi, it is satisfactory for this diagonal.

Asus R702QA-BX222T Specs and Details

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