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Corsair MP300, a new affordable M.2 NVMe SSD

Corsair launches in Computex 2018 a new SSD in compact and fast M.2 NVMe PCIequi is affordable, the Corsair MP300.

The new 5-year-old Corsair MP300 Solid State Drive adopts a compact M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe (2 lines instead of the usual 4 of the NVMe) Gen3 and weighs 5.5 grams.

It is based on a 3D TLC (Triple-Level Cell, 3-bit) NAND flash memory whose engraving fineness is not communicated like the on-board controller.


Here are the announced performances of the SSD Corsair MP300 according to its capacity:

– 120 GB: 1520 MB / s (110,000 IOPS) read speeds, 460 MB / s (80,000 IOPS) write

– 240 GB: 1580 MB / s (180,000 IOPS) read speeds, 920 MB / s (110,000 IOPS) write

– 480 GB: bit rates of 1600 MB / s (200 000 IOPS) read, 1040 MB / s (220 000 IOPS) write

– 960 GB: read speeds of 1600 MB / s (210 000 IOPS), 1080 MB / s (240 000 IOPS) write

Regarding tariffs, the new SSD Corsair MP300 is positioned as an affordable model at 49.99 dollars in version 120 GB, 79.99 dollars in 240 GB version, 149.99 euros in 480 GB version and 319 dollars for 960 GB.

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