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GoPro Hero 7 Black vs DJI Osmo Pocket, Which One Better ?

GoPro Hero 7:
– Indestructible
– Fantastic Audio
– Amazing Picture Quality
– Wide FOV
– Stabilization is simulated
– Replaceable Battery (Instant)
– Infinite Accessories (both first party & 3rd party)
– Looks boring
– Tons of 3rd party software

DJI Osmo Pocket :
– One Drop & It’s Toast
– Garbage Audio
– Over Saturated Pictures
– Narrow FOV
– Stabilization is physical (better)
– Fixed Battery (Requires Recharge when Dead, Throw Away When it no Longer Charges)
– Limited to DJI proprietary accessories
– Looks amazing & eye-catching
– Closed software platform

GoPro Hero 7 Black vs DJI Osmo Pocket, Which One Better ?

Also, ignore that 140-min Battery life estimated by DJI on the Osmo Pocket. They advertised the DJI Osmo and Osmo Mobile with 4 hour life and under normal use, you’re lucky to get an hour brand new out of the box so I would be shocked if this little thing can record continuously while you’re in motion (so the gimbal has to work) and get over an hour (correct me if you own one and I’m wrong here). I’ve owned every DJI product and every GoPro product and I have to say that DJI does get it right sometimes when it comes to durability and build quality but they also get it wrong a bunch whereas GoPro is very consistent with their quality. Also, be warned that on Drones the component that has the highest failure rate is the gimbal because of it fragile moving parts and if you drop this thing camera first on the pavement it’s gonna be done or at the very least the gimbal isn’t going to function correctly anymore. It’s insanely hard to make a gimbal bulletproof hence why they have the protective case to hold it in place when you have it in your pocket.

There still is a market for the Osmo Pocket though for people that really want that mechanical stabilization which no matter how GoPro tries can’t emulate in many situations. But, I personally would just buy a cheap 3-axis conventional gimbal off eBay and throw my GoPro on it and also use it to hold many other cameras and since it won’t be running the GoPro’s sensor you will get a lot more out of the combined battery life of the two devices and if you break the gimbal you don’t throw the camera out with it. These are just my personal opinions and take them with a grain of salt and get the one you think fits with your goals the best and let’s be honest. If you want a conversation piece get the Osmo Pocket because everyone is used to GoPros hanging off everything, this will attract attention for a while because it does look amazingly cool and it’s very small.

I love Casey, he makes amazing videos and this was another home run, I just wanted to add my 2-cents to the picture since I’ve used a lot of mobile camera equipment and even mount stuff on cars and moving objects pretty regularly and I have to say GoPro has been the more durable products with more reliability and far less data loss. DJI has a tendency for their hardware to be generations ahead of their software for reasons I can’t really understand?!

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