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HP Omen 15-dc Review & Details – thought for gamers, appreciated for its price

In a sluggish PC market in recent years, only gamer models seem to be able to pull sales up. Each brand must therefore have its range dedicated to players. At HP, it is the brand Omen which we offer today the test of Omen 15-dc, which as we will see merits attention to more than one title.

Specifications of the HP Omen 15-dc0002nf

Slab 15.6 ” Full HD LED IPS 144 Hz G-Sync Micro-Edges (1920×1080, Anti-Glare / Matte)
Processor Intel Core i7-8750H Coffee Lake (2.2GHz, 6 cores)
Installed RAM (max) 16 GB (1 x 16 GB) DDR4 2666 MHz (32 GB), 2 slots (1 free)
Storage space 256GB SSD M.2 (NVMe PCIe) + 1 TB at 7200 rpm
Graphic card NVIDIA Pascal GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q 8GB GDDR5 Dedicated
Optical reader
Audio system 2 speakers Bang & Olufsen Audio Boost
webcam Yes, HD TrueVision with microphone
Network Wi-Fi ac (2×2) + Gigabit Ethernet
Bluetooth Yes, Bluetooth 5.0
Card reader Yes, SD / MMC
Video output (s) HDMI, Mini DisplayPort
Fingerprint reader
Entries exits) Headphone / Mic Combo
USB 3 USB 3.1 (Gen1) + 1 USB 3.1 Type-C (Gen2, DisplayPort 1.2) Thunderbolt 3
Operating system Windows 10 64-bit
Drums Li-Ion 4 cells 70Whr
Autonomy announced 5 hours
Dimensions (mm) 360x263x25
Weight 2.52 Kg
Guarantee 2 years
Other NKRO 4-zone RGB illuminated backlit chiclet keyboard with numeric keypad, multi-touch touchpad
software HP Apps, Dropbox

HP Omen 15-dc Chassis / Design

At first glance and no doubt, it is a notebook PC gamer. Red screenprints and red logo on the back of the screen, USB ports also adorned with red as the pictograms placed next to the different ports.

Connoisseurs will have noticed the X-shaped design of the slab cover, a hallmark of the Omen range. The blend of inlay vertical lines and carbon imitation is visually pleasing while offering a different feel to the touch.

Open computer, the look is more discreet. Only the logo and the inscription Omen is red. And unlike some competing models, HP has had the good taste of keeping white lettering for the keyboard.

Finishing side, the whole is quite successful visually. But looking in more detail, some may blame the massive use of plastic for the chassis, except for the wrist rest with an aluminum finish. An acceptable concession on a laptop mid-range (the first Omen 15 being available around 900 €), a little less on the declination the most upscale like the tested flirts with 1600 € and is therefore found against competitors with more premium chassis. A feeling counterbalanced by the underside of the chassis, as for it better worked than the average with again the design in X.HP Omen 15-dc test - thought for gamers, appreciated for its price

Access to internal components does not pose any particular difficulty with only 8 screws to remove. It is possible to upgrade the RAM (2 slots in total), the SSD format m2 or even replace the hard disk with a SSD (2.5 inch format).

Connectors / Ports of the HP Omen 15-dc

The Omen 15 has many ports, distributed on the different faces. On the left, there is a USB 3.1 port as well as separate headphone and microphone jacks. An SD card reader is also in the game. On the right, the power plug and an additional USB port.

The rear includes the bulk of the connection with the Kensington lock, a Thunderbolt 3 port (USB-C), mini-DisplayPort and HDMI outputs, a third USB port (allowing the device recharge computer off ) and the Ethernet socket.

HP Omen 15-dc audio system

Located beneath the wrist rests, the two small speakers offer a typical laptop sound. The rendering is quite detailed but would benefit from having more bass present. The maximum sound volume does not call any particular criticism and is sufficient for a reasoned listening. The use of a good-quality helmet is recommended to enjoy a more immersive rendering.

HP Omen 15-dc Keyboard / Touchpad

The keyboard of the Omen is a good mix between keyboard designed for intensive capture and play. Despite a rather long race (1.4 mm), the typing remains quite soft and discreet. The keys take advantage of standard dimensions (15.4 x 15 x 1 mm spaced 3.6 mm) for a computer of this size. Those of the numeric keypad are only slightly wider (14.7 mm). An imperceptible difference to use. In fine, it is easy to find his usual typing speed.

As any self-respecting gamer laptop, the Omen 15 benefits from an RGB keyboard. The backlight is not independent (key by key) and can only be customized in 4 zones. The intensity can not be adjusted directly via the keyboard shortcut but can be indirectly diverted via the Omen Command Center software (but only by zones).

HP Omen 15-dc test - thought for gamers, appreciated for its price

The touchpad is not essential on this type of configuration intended primarily for players. Its surface is pleasant to the touch and reminiscent of wrist rests. Due to the presence of physical buttons, its dimensions are found more narrow (102 x 57 mm). In addition, it is not clickable, which is somewhat confusing if you are used to using a touchpad that is.

HP Omen 15-dc screen

Without reaching the ratio of some ultrabook, the screen of the HP Omen 15 can nevertheless be described as borderless with side edges of 6 mm against 12 mm for the upper amount, which keeps the webcam in its usual location. Regarding the quality of the latter, it’s quite disappointing, including during the day. The images are noisy and lack details. To book for a (very) punctual use.

In terms of specifications, HP has long since chosen to favor IPS slabs from the mid-range. Not surprisingly, the Omen 15 is equipped with a full HD IPS screen (LG Philips brand reference LGD05C0). The maximum brightness is 294 cd / m² and the contrast ratio is 874: 1. The sRGB space is 95% covered (against 66% for the Adobe RGB / DCI-P3) for an average DeltaE of 0.23 after characterization.

HP Omen 15-dc test - thought for gamers, appreciated for its price

Players will appreciate the refresh rate of 144 Hz which, combined with Nvidia G-Sync technology, allows you to enjoy a better fluidity on fast movements while avoiding the effects of tearing. Out of play, everyday, the most attentive will notice a (very) slight improvement during fast scrolls.
The downside, this G-Sync screen has an impact on noise and autonomy as we will see.

Finally, let us salute the quality of the hinges which ensure a perfect maintenance.

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