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iPhone X SE Reveal Its Design

This year, Apple will market three new iPhones and the design of the most controversial of the three was unveiled for the first time. iPhone X SE

All credit goes to Macotakara. The website known for many leak disclosures has released a video of what is supposed to be the long – awaited second generation of the iPhone SE. And what makes it interesting is that it takes the design without the screen edge of the iPhone X.

iPhone X SE Reveal Its Design

The video shows the smartphone from all angles, in addition to its operation. What is important to remember is that the navigation matches that of the iPhone X, but that the glass case has been replaced by a sharp aluminum frame like the original iPhone SE. This corroborates the information presented last January by the famous analyst KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo.

As expected, the iPhone SE2, or “iPhone X SE”, will have no jack or Touch ID because Apple should equip all its new devices Face ID. But be careful, even if this video has passed the duck test (if it works like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then we can call it a duck), that does not mean that it is 100 % authentic. The Macotakara website is trustworthy because it is the first to have revealed that Apple was going to abandon the jacks and to have accurately revealed some details of the iPhones before their releases; but he has already made mistakes.

On the other hand, if we rely on all the information we currently have, it is possible to say that this video represents exactly the appearance of the iPhone X SE. The real bad news is its price should be around $ 799 (for first-price models in the US) despite some compromises in terms of features.

While the iPhone X let think that Apple had entered a new era of innovation , it seems that our blue cards must also enter a new era, that of the maximum warm-up.

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