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JBL Charge 3 – Test and reviews

Generally, our daily life can be summarized as “metro, work, sleep”. In other words, we are all hard workers and we do not even have time to rest a bit. With such rhythms, stress can invade us at any moment. To remedy this problem, nothing better than relaxing and listening to music. Indeed, hearing a good tune from time to time can really help get rid of all the lows and nerves. For this, technology always gives us solutions with innovative and practical devices that make us enjoy our favorite songs anytime and anywhere.

Is the JBL Charge 3 recommended?

Although YES. The JBL Charge 3 is for anyone looking for the ideal Bluetooth speaker. Indeed, it brings together in itself all the essential parameters to become the reference device. First of all, it comes from a renowned company that is proven in the field of electronics. And, I want to say that the Charge 3 has a very original and elegant design. With it, you can listen to good music anytime and anywhere; especially since it is so easy to store and transport. In all circumstances, it offers incredible sound quality and has a very autonomous battery. Despite some minor flaws, the JBL Charge 3 will not stop impressing us and satisfying us right.

The opinions “Good” and “bad” the JBL Charge 3


  • Reliable speaker
  • Neat design
  • Easy to use
  • Good sound quality
  • Convenient
  • Satisfactory autonomy
  • Value for money

Disadvantages :

  • Lack of bass
  • Charging time a little long

Reliable speaker

Currently, the market is flooded with countless electronic and computer products. Also, choosing the right device for oneself is not an easy task. In any case, nothing better than having a safe and reliable equipment. Regarding the JBL Charge 3, I can say that it is a satisfactory material in all respects. In fact, it was manufactured by the renowned American company JBL, which specializes in the manufacture of high-end loudspeakers.

JBL was founded in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing and is now a leader in its field. Its great fame is nothing without the excellent online services offered by the brand. In truth, JBL has a personal website to assist its customers and for the promotion of its various products. In addition, this American company is well popular on the web including social networks. For example, on Facebook, it has no less than 2,800,000 likes. And in other networks like Twitter, there are 153,000 followers, 449,000 followers on Instagram and about 124,000 people follow JBL on Youtube. In short, with all this information, I would say that the JBL Charge 3 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers of the moment that we should not deprive ourselves.

Neat design

JBL Charge 3 - Test and reviewsInitially, Bluetooth speakers like JBL Charge 3 were designed to be used anywhere. Also, they are made to suit all types of environment both inside and outside a home. With its black color and original cylindrical shape, the Charge 3 fits perfectly to all styles and decorations . Its class side allows it to be so pleasant at all times. Apart from that, manufacturers have not failed to add a touch of solidity to this device which is composed mainly of very sturdy materials. Finally, I also want to say that at the level of ergonomics, there is nothing to blame since its handling is easy and its mode of operation is quite simple.

Easy to use

Now, I\’d like to talk about the actual use of the JBL Charge 3. This Bluetooth speaker stands out by the fact that it can connect easily and quickly to other wireless devices . In all circumstances, the couplings will be done in a very simple way, in a few seconds, without any problem. And then, it can be linked to 3 smartphones or tablets at the same time. In any case, it is compatible with all models of mobile phone or tablet or computer.

Apart from that, thanks to its JBL Connect function, Charge 3 can create its own wireless network and connect to other speakers that have the same function. In addition, concerning the ergonomics, we will be very satisfied because the manufacturers have created physical keys for all the controls such as for volume adjustment, the advancement of tracks, the hands-free function, etc. Everything can be operated manually and easily. Also, we will have a simpler use.

Good sound quality

After talking about the overall use of the JBL Charge 3, it would be important to give advice regarding the quality of the sound it offers. On this point, we do not risk being disappointed because we have a powerful Bluetooth speaker with its 2 x 10 Watts. The power generated is very sufficient to sound a room of 50 m². Also, for those who plan to do a little party between group, so for 20 people, the JBL Charge 3 will do very well. Technically, the sound frequency is 65Hz-20kHz for a signal-to-noise ratio higher than 80 dB. And then we will have a sound worthy of high range with perfect bass and treble very top. For lovers of electro and house music, you will feel the variety of instruments and tones very well. In any case, for any music, the quality is at the rendezvous.


JBL Charge 3 - Test and reviewsThe JBL Charge 3 is a Bluetooth speaker that I call nomadic. In truth, it can be used at any place and at any time without any problem. This device has been designed to amaze us as much outdoors as in the garden or at the beach or pool, as inside the house. In many situations, some people do not hesitate to use Charge 3 in the bathroom for optimal relaxation. Indeed, it resists perfectly shock and especially water. It is a waterproof and waterproof enclosure, hence its IPX7 certification .

In addition to its high resistance, the JBL Charge 3 is also distinguished by the fact that it is not bulky. Specifically, because of its small size and compactness, it is very simple to store and transport . It does not take up too much space in our bag or furniture.

Apart from that, this equipment has a hands-free kit function to receive calls by simply pressing a single button. And then, everything will be done professionally because the microphone of this Charge 3 reduces the noise and echo of the environment.

Finally, the other great feature of this Bluetooth speaker is its ability to charge other devices such as a smartphone or tablet via its USB port.

Satisfactory autonomy

JBL Charge 3 - Test and reviewsAbove, we saw that the Charge 3 is a Bluetooth speaker well performing and we would all like to have. In order to complete the praise that concerns it, I would like to add that this equipment also has a very autonomous battery. This is 6000 mAh and can hold 20 hours in playback mode without being recharged . And then, the power bank charger will only make every moment spent with the JBL Charge 3 longer.

Value for money

As a whole, the JBL Charge 3 is a very satisfactory device thanks to its great sound quality and its interesting features. Also, I think it is a speaker Bluetooth very profitable especially in terms of price. It honors its price by its full performance. In short, it has all the qualities to make forget some more expensive speakers.

Lack of bass

Throughout this article, we have seen how powerful the JBL Charge 3 is. Everything was remarkable: its heartbreaking price, good sound quality, etc. not to mention the long battery life. Despite these positives, I noticed a few small caveats that will not tarnish the performance of this Bluetooth speaker. Indeed, I noticed that it lacks a bit of bass in the Charge 3. When we listen to some music, the bass is not too well converted but there is a sensation of buzzing . This little problem is not present with all melodies but in some cases only. In any case, just adjust the correct volume and the correct equalizer to remedy this problem.

Charge time too long

Speaking again of the negative points of the JBL Charge 3, I would like to talk about the charging time of its battery. Even if the latter is so autonomous, recharging may take a very long time. In fact, it takes more than 8 hours to fully recharge if using a conventional phone charger. We really see that it is very long but for a 20 hours autonomy in reading mode, I think it\’s worth it.

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