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LG brings Google Assistant on smart TV 2018

Artificial intelligence, as we have seen, is increasingly at the center of the Google project and this can only be reflected in the approach of its business partners. It is today news that LG will introduce native support to Google Assistant for all its smart TVs of 2018 , OLED or LCD, both UHD and Super UHD, with webOS operating system and support for ThinQ technology.

This means that it will be enough to talk to the remote control, which integrates a microphone, in order to activate the Google voice assistant and use the wide range of commands available in order to control every aspect of your TV.

LG brings Google Assistant on smart TV 2018

It will be possible to browse through the services offered, start smart tools and connect to other devices, but also make intelligent searches on the content transmitted, for example by asking Assistant to find out for you what was the background song of the program you are watching, the age of the main actor or his previous filmography.

But that\’s not all because thanks to the capabilities of Google Assistant LG smart TV are candidates to become a real hub through which to manage for example even all IoT devices in the home, adjusting the intensity of the lights and the temperature of the apartment , view weather and news or start playing your favorite music .

LG brings Google Assistant on smart TV 2018

In Italy, unfortunately we will have to wait a few more months to take advantage of these functions: at the moment, in fact, support is already active in the United States, while it will be activated in a second moment in Europe and Asia. If the function makes you gorge you are still in time to take advantage of the LG promotion , with discounts up to 500 euros on the entire Smart TV 2018 range.

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