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New Intel Whiskey Lake-U and Amber Lake-Y processors

Intel takes advantage of Taipei’s Computex 2018 to announce two new low-power processors belonging to the Intel Core 8th generation family, the Whiskey Lake-U and Amber Lake-Y.


The new Intel Whiskey Lake low-power processor benefits from 14nm etching and 15W TDP. It is intended to replace the Kaby Lake Refresh and we can expect that some models are Quad Core.

More energy efficient model (probably a very low power consumption to 4.5W-6W), the new Amber Lake processor will join the family of Intel Core Y series.New Intel Whiskey Lake-U and Amber Lake-Y processors

The former target computers offering a good consumption / performance ration while the latter aim to integrate very fine and energy efficient machines.

These two new processors integrate within them the Wi-Fi technology.

That’s about all that Intel has unveiled about its new Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake processors that will be integrated into many laptops as soon as next fall – 140 models are indeed already planned, PC type portable / Ultrabooks or hybrid 2-in-1 convertible tablet.

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