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Philips launches PicoPix Max, the mini projector with built-in battery

Watch movies everywhere, and in any situation with the Philips PicoPix Max, the new standalone, full HD projector that fits in your pocket.

Determined to revolutionize the mini-projector market, Philips has launched this weekend its brand new PicoPix Max, an ultra compact projector (850g for 136x134x47,5mm) with impressive capabilities to say the least . With 800 lumens for a full HD image up to 120 inches, the PicoPix Max guarantees optimal display even at short range. An experience “as in the cinema” directly in the pocket . The PicoPix Max is also equipped with many connectors, despite its small size, with a MicroSD slot, an HDMI jack, a USB port, a jack and two USB Type-C compatible iOS and MacOS.

Philips launches PicoPix Max, the mini projector with built-in battery

With this ultra-nomadic projector, you can project videos or play parts of your favorite games wherever you are. He will be as comfortable in your living room as in a garden. The PicoPix Max also includes 16GB of memory, as well as a powerful 16,500 mAh battery, which gives it three hours of wireless time before recharging (three full episodes of the excellent The Boys series on Amazon Prime for example). Its touch interface located on the top allows you to navigate easily in the menus but if you are comfortably installed in your sofa, do not bother to get up: you can use the AirMote remote control directly.

Netflix, Youtube, VLC … The PicoPix Max also allows you to download your favorite apps from more than 4000 Android apps. And thanks to the pre-installed Express VPN app, you\’re sure to navigate safely even when traveling or using public WiFi. Available in pre-order via a crowdfunding campaign launched recently on Indiegogo, the PicoPix Max will be sent from November to the first contributors, as part of a partnership between the two brands.

Delivered with its remote control, its tripod support, its universal charger and its carrying pouch, the PicoPix Max is available at 419 € on the crowdfunding platform , a saving of 53% compared to the final price of the mini-projector, which should to be marketed around 899 €.

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