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Somfy One, Install a surveillance camera Less than 10 Minutes

Do you think you do not have time to protect your home before you go for some air at the seaside? yes if you are in japan… but here we Faced with complete and expensive alarm systems that require installation by a professional, more and more French are equipped with small connected cameras very easy to implement oneself.

Somfy One, Install a surveillance camera Less than 10 Minutes
Nest Cam Outdoor, wired camera for outdoor. – NEST

“For many people, the camera is a first level of security. This reassures us that we can intervene quickly enough if something happens, “says Jean-Marc Brunet, CEO of Somfy Protect, one of the biggest sellers (with Netgear, Netatmo, Nest and Daylink) of these connected cameras that send notifications when an intrusion attempt, motion or noise is detected.

Faced with the avalanche of Chinese products on the market, the average budget for a connected surveillance camera is currently only 130 euros in France. But for a budget of 150 euros to 250 euros, we can have a really serious product. A key: alerts on his smartphone, audio and video control, record history in the cloud. And no false alerts …

Finally, a less than ten minutes of installation …

Do you have to be a skilled handyman to install one of these cameras? “An indoor camera like Welcome (199 euros) does not require hardware installation. Its implementation will take ten minutes. Presence, our outdoor camera that clings to the front (299 euros) involves using a ladder, perform a collision … It takes about half an hour, “said Fred Potter, the CEO of Netatmo.

Somfy One, Install a surveillance camera Less than 10 Minutes
Netatmo\’s Welcome Camera is the only camera on the market that recognizes faces. – NETATMO


We got into the game and installed the Somfy One camera (from 199 euros) from Somfy Protect at our home. The ten minutes generally mentioned by the manufacturers seem to correspond to the regulatory time for this type of equipment.

After unpacking the camera and setting it up with connection to the sector, the longest is finally … to create an account in the application! And fight against the spell check of his smartphone … The connection of the camera to the wifi network of the house takes a few seconds, no more. Remains the course of the inevitable update that can add a few minutes of installation before the camera is operational. If you have a speaker with Google Assistant, we will add another step to the process, finally painless, to control the camera by voice. Come on, if the suitcases are ready, we can leave with peace of mind!

With around 200,000 sales in France in 2018, surveillance cameras are set up in homes. According to Netatmo CEO Fred Potter, “a lot of people have already discovered things that they did not know about, prevented attempted break-ins and arrested burglars. And there are also many mysteries elucidated, such as finally knowing the identity of the dog who drops mines in his garden!

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