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TELE System TS6800: Terrestrial DVB-T2 / HEVC Digital Receiver

The Italian Tele System , presented a very remarkable digital terrestrial receiver DVB – 2 / HEVC , which tried and bring you our impressions immediately below! TELE System TS6800

The TS6800 T2HEVC is FullHD 1080p compatible with the T2 system and the now known HEVC compression, which is not currently used in the digital channel broadcasting in Greece but is very useful in playing files from the internet. The receiver is characterized by quality, excellent in Greek on the menu and on the electronic program guide, and comes with 2-in-1 universal remote control which works for both the decoder and your TV.

TELE System TS6800: Terrestrial DVB-T2 / HEVC Digital Receiver

External description – Connections

The receiver’s dimensions are 220x124x40 mm, while the attractive front panel features a 4-digit display, a USB port and the Channel Stand & Shift keys. In terms of connectors on the back, we have HDMI, SPDIF coaxial digital audio output, TV SCART (video: RGB / CVBS, audio: L R), ANT IN, ANT OUT, input for the external power supply and general power switch.

TELE System TS6800: Terrestrial DVB-T2 / HEVC Digital Receiver

Functions – Menu

The receiver clearly supports PVR and Media player. By connecting your device to an external hard drive via the USB port on the front, you can record your favorite movies and programs thanks to the REC & PLAY function from which you can easily manage the recording. In addition, the TS6800 is an excellent media player for pictures, music and videos that you can watch directly on your TV with the excellent quality offered by the latest H.265 decoding. With the “Logical Channel Number” your channel list will automatically and logically be sorted, while the Electronic Program Guide provides an updated guide for your favorite programs.

The main menu options are: Program, Picture, Channel Search, Time, Choice, System and USB. In Channel Search, you will instantly find all the channels broadcast on your site, and clarify that the receiver is clearly backward compatible with the existing DVB-T system. Also, with manual search, you select specific channels based on channel number and / or frequency and even with level and quality bars for direct control.

Under “Selection,” you set OSD, subtitles and sound language, while selecting PCM or Raw Digital Audio. There are also display settings of all types 16: 9 & 4: 3, resolution up to 1080p, TV format and video output between RGB & CVBS.

In the first Schedule option, you can edit the channel list with functions such as Move, Skip, Lock, Delete, Favorites and Rename, while the excellent electronic program guide will impress you with the variety of colors, information and the ability to book a program viewing and recordings.

Please note that you have the option to set automatic shutdown for up to 12 hours or to disable this feature in the Time menu.

Media Player

During tuner testing, recording and media player, it was great as we played many files like hevc, mp4, avi etc, while playing Greek subtitles was impeccable and even adjustable, such as size (normal / large / small) , color (white / black / red / blue / green) and subtitle background (Transparent / Gray / Yellow / White). In the USB menu you will find the basic Multimedia, Photo Adjustment, Movie Setup and PVR Settings options. Under Movie Setup you will find the caption options mentioned above, while in the first Multimedia option, you select a kind of files to play between Music, Photos, Movie, and PVR.
Keep in mind that when recording on a storage medium, there is a permanent mark in the form of a red plug, which is especially useful to keep the user from forgetting.
Regarding the recordings, the latter are stored in a HBPVR folder in .mts file format and can be easily played on the computer with programs such as VLC.

Our opinion

The TELE System TS6800 digital terrestrial receiver is first of all effective, it has the latest DVB-T2 / HEVC technology offering universal coverage for the future, it is an excellent media player, while it excells in Greek on both menus and electronic program guide information!

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