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The front pockets of women’s pants not suitable for smartphones

Smartphone manufacturers are constantly expanding their products to the delight of users. Only this choice does not always look good for women because of the size of the pockets before their pants.

This is not a mere speculation, a study was recently conducted by two journalists and the results are distressing. It’s been proven that women’s pockets are too small for the latest smartphones. For the purposes of this survey, Jan Diehm and Amber Thomas decided to work on 80 models of jeans of different sizes and brands . The verdict was irrevocable: in 60% of cases , women are unable to put an iPhone X in a pocket before . It’s even worse with the latest Samsung models like the S8 and S9since they are even bigger than the flagship terminal of the Apple. 80% of womencan not introduce them in their pocket. For the Google Pixel , the rate climbs to 85% .

Smartphones do not fit in women’s pockets

The front pockets of women's pants would not be suitable for smartphones

According to the two journalists, the front pockets of women’s jeans are 48% shorter and 6.5% narrower than men’s models. This means that men can put any smartphone in their pocket. That\’s not all, only 10% of women’s jeans allow to fully enter the hands, against 100% (always) for men . This phenomenon is probably due to the growth of the handbag industry. Fashion dictates that women wear their clothes only for their aesthetic side and the little things get in the purse.

Do you think that manufacturers should expand the pockets before women’s jeans pants so that they can store their smartphones? Thank you for expressing yourself in the comments!

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