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The price has fallen: The new SSD Samsung 970 Evo Plus comes in stores

In October, the new generation SSD from Samsung is now getting into stores, specifically the Samsung 970 Evo Plus models. The manufacturer has improved the production of V-NAND chips and instead of 64 layers now have 96 chip chips. This has increased production efficiency and may reduce the cost per capacitive unit. In addition, the parameters are improved.

Editors Web TomsHardware could test drives one of the first and concluded that the new chips improves the speed and power and drives rated 4.5 points out of five.

The price has fallen: The new SSD Samsung 970 Evo Plus comes in stores
The current 970 EVO generation of SSDs will be replaced by the newer 970 EVO Plus. Although it is only evolution, the increase in speed and price decline will be significant.

The price has fallen: The new SSD Samsung 970 Evo Plus comes in stores

The Samsung 970 Evo Plus shifts the maximum scan speed to 3500 MB / sa and 3300 MB / sec for sequential writing. And there was a big improvement on the record, because the previous model had a speed of only 2500 MB / s. However, random data transfers have also been improved. Reading increased the IOPS from 500,000 to 620,000 and with a random listing from 480,000 to 560,000.

All versions of the drives rely on their own Phoenix Controller controller, and the overall life of the disc was up to 1200 TBW in the 2TB model.

Prices are set by the manufacturer as follows: The 250GB model will be available for $ 90 (we’ll expect approximately $ 2,500 with tax), the 500GB version will cost $ 130 ($ 3,550), and $ 1TB will cost $ 250 ($ 6,700) . Previous generations have entered the market with substantially higher prices, but they are currently selling at a very high discount, which is below the level of incoming news.

The highest 2TB model will appear in stores in April for an unspecified price so far. The warranty will be the same for all models, ie 5 years.

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