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Nubia – α concept is a smartphone that you wear as a bracelet

Nubia owned by ZTE is showing off a concept for a SmartWatch that is more phone-like than watching .. The Nubia-α concept features a flexible screen that wraps around a portion of the wristband, giving you plenty of room to interact with apps, contacts, and other menu items.

Nubia - α concept is a smartphone that you wear as a bracelet

It is not known if or when nubia-a will ever see the light of day. But technology is not exactly science fiction: Samsung, LG, Huawei and other companies are expected to launch smartphones with flexible displays in the coming year. Why not make one that surrounds your wrist?

The video concept shows a watch with what appears to be a metal bracelet and a long flexible screen that surrounds the front (or the top, I guess).

There is also a camera and a microphone on the side of the screen, which allows you to make video calls or take pictures. And there are buttons on the left and right sides and pogo pins for charging in the back.

The applications presented in the video include:

  • Music player
  • Telephone dialer
  • contacts
  • Find my phone
  • Step counter / activity tracker
  • Time and weather widget

There are no details on the hardware that powers the device or the type of software it will run. There is also no information on the release date or the potential price.

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