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The Asus Zenfone 5 comes to tease the best smartphones (only 399 euros)

The war is raging among smartphone manufacturers: behind the sales champions that are Samsung , Apple and Huawei , many manufacturers are trying to distinguish themselves. Their solution: to offer a lot, for a lot less. This is the strategy of OnePlus , Wiko , Honor but also Asus . With Zenfone 5, the latter delivers a mid-range smartphone that wants to have everything a big … for 399 euros.

more promises?

Visually, the Zenfone 5 of Asus throws. Its full HD 6.2 ” / 15.74 cm screen is in 18.7 / 9th format (2246 x 1080). It is one of those “edge-to-edge” smartphones whose contours eventually disappear. At this price, we had never seen better. If it keeps a low black border, a simple “notch” at the top housing the lens for selfies and different sensors is almost melted into the background.

On the sides, a black outline of a millimeter remains, which is very little. In this regard, Samsung Galaxy curved edges are still the master stallion in terms of design.

Artificial intelligence for what?

Zenfone 5 boasts the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) -based functions. Rather interesting at this price level … Here, the AI ​​will for example detect if we look at the screen and thus avoid putting it to sleep. Another contribution: the AI ​​detects the ambient noise and modulates the volume of the ringing of the telephone on 7 levels, from 60 to 75 db. Another technological advance allowed by artificial intelligence: a night charging that will extend the life of the battery.

The Asus Zenfone 5 comes to tease the best smartphones (only 399 euros)
The Zenfone 5 with its 6.2-inch screen wants to play in the big leagues. – ASUS

If, like most of us, you charge your smartphone at night, the Zenfone 5 will recharge it at 80% first; interrupt his charge in the middle of the night; and charge the remaining 20% ​​of the battery just before you wake up. Like that, no unwanted charge and a battery life that would be doubled, according to Asus. Who does not invent anything: Sony already offers on its smartphones Xperia, like the new XZ2 , with a mode called “Stamina” … Finally, it is in photo that the AI ​​wants to manifest his … intelligence.

In “AI” mode or “PRO” mode

Backed by two 12-megapixel (f / 1.8) and 8-megapixel (f / 2.0) 120-degree wide-angle back-up sensors, the Zenfone 5 recognizes 16 types of scenes (people, food, dog, cat, sunset, sky, grass, ocean, flowers, plants, snow, night, text, QR Code, tripod). It automatically optimizes its settings to deliver the best image possible.

The Asus Zenfone 5 comes to tease the best smartphones (only 399 euros)
The Asus Zenfone 5 can recognize up to 16 types of scenes in photo. – ASUS

Note: the AI ​​does a pretty good job in low light but the pictures provided retain saturated colors. The “Pro” photo mode, which we recommend, allows you to play easily on some settings, such as ISO, shutter speed … while learning quite simply, finally, the basics of a good shot .

For its part, the wide-angle is a plus, even if it is accompanied by slight deformations of the image on the sides. As for selfie enthusiasts, the 8 megapixel front sensor (f / 2.0) provides results that Zenfone 5 has no reason to blush.

Only addicts to our hopes of finding the perfect smartphone to less than 400 euros: the autonomy of Zenfone 5, with its battery of 3300 mAh, barely buckle the day. And the smartphone is not waterproof. On this ground, Asus did not want to get wet.

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