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What happens when I Tap Back my iPhone?

Apple’s iPhone has many handy features that aren’t so obvious. One of them is hidden on the back of the iPhone. we explain how to properly use the “Tap on back” function.

With iOS 14 came some adjustments for iPhone users. Since then, you can place widgets on the home screen or use the app library, among other things. However, less obvious features also came with the update. One of them is called “Tap on Back” and is hidden in the settings. But what can the function actually do and what is the best way to use it?

This is behind the “Tap on Back” feature

The back of an iPhone is unspectacular from the camera down; The Apple logo is in the middle. But have you ever tried tapping it? As a rule, nothing then happens unless you activate the function mentioned. The name is honestly a bit misleading because it’s actually specifically about tapping the logo in the middle.

With the right setting, however, it is possible to use two applications directly by touching the center of the back several times. So if you want to quickly access your camera, take a screenshot, or turn on the flashlight, double- or triple-tap the Apple logo is a quick way to do it.

How to set up the function

Before you can even use the Back Tap feature, you need to define it in Settings. To do this, go to your iPhone settings menu.

  • Open the “Accessibility” item.
  • In the “Physical and motor” area you will find the “Jog” tab.
What happens when I tap the back of my iPhone?
Photo: TECHBOOK via iOS
  • Hidden at the bottom is the Tap on Back app, tap on it.
  • In the next step, you can choose whether you want to double or triple tap for a specific shortcut. You can also deposit two applications.
  • Select the appropriate feature, such as Camera or Lock Screen.
What happens when I tap the back of my iPhone?

Of course, you notice the greatest effect when you put functions on the back that you use frequently and for which you might otherwise need several clicks.

“Tap on Back” also works with phone case

If you are worried that the application will only work if you are not using a smartphone case, you can rest easy. In our test, even thicker cases did not limit the function. If it does get stuck, just tap a little harder. However, you must have at least an iPhone 8 to actually be able to use the tip function. Older models do not have the appropriate software.

Also, tap on back only works when the phone is unlocked. This ensures that the iPhone does not start applications in the pocket through accidental contact with the logo on the back.

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